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Apache ShardingSphere provides a wealth of system configuration properties, which users can configure through global.yaml.


Name Data Type Description Default Dynamic Update
system-log-level (?) String System log output level, supports DEBUG, INFO, WARN and ERROR, the default level is INFO. INFO True
sql-show (?) boolean Whether to print SQL in logs.
Printing SQL can help developers quickly locate system problems. Logs contain the following contents: logical SQL, authentic SQL and SQL parsing result.
If configuration is enabled, logs will use Topic ShardingSphere-SQL, and log level is INFO.
false True
sql-simple (?) boolean Whether to print simple SQL in logs. false True
kernel-executor-size (?) int Set the size of the thread pool for task processing. Each ShardingSphereDataSource uses an independent thread pool, and different data sources on the same JVM do not share thread pools. infinite False
max-connections-size-per-query (?) int The maximum number of connections that a query request can use in each database instance. 1 True
check-table-metadata-enabled (?) boolean Whether shard metadata is checked for structural consistency when the program is started and updated. false True
proxy-frontend-flush-threshold (?) int Set the I/O refresh threshold for the number of transmitted data items in ShardingSphere-Proxy. 128 True
proxy-backend-query-fetch-size (?) int The number of rows of data obtained when the backend Proxy interacts with databases (using a cursor). A larger number may increase the occupied memory of ShardingSphere-Proxy. The default value of -1 indicates the minimum value for JDBC driver. -1 True
proxy-frontend-executor-size (?) int The number of threads in the Netty thread pool of front-end Proxy. 0 False
proxy-frontend-max-connections (?) int The maximum number of clients that can be connected to Proxy. The default value of 0 indicates that there’s no limit. 0 True
proxy-default-port (?) String Proxy specifies the default window through configuration files. 3307 False
proxy-netty-backlog (?) int Proxy specifies the default netty back_log parameter through configuration files. 1024 False
proxy-frontend-database-protocol-type (?) String Proxy front-end protocol type, supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, openGauss "" False
proxy-frontend-ssl-enabled (?) boolean Enable SSL/TLS for ShardingSphere-Proxy frontend. false False
proxy-frontend-ssl-version (?) String The SSL/TLS protocols to enable. Blank to use default. TLSv1.2,TLSv1.3 False
proxy-frontend-ssl-cipher (?) String The cipher suites to enable, in the order of preference. Multi cipher suites separated by comma. Blank to use default. "" False

Properties can be modified online through DistSQL#RAL. Properties that support dynamic change can take effect immediately. For the ones that do not support dynamic change, the effect will be implemented after a restart.


For a complete sample, please refer to global.yaml in ShardingSphere’s repository: