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This chapter will introduce how to use DistSQL to manage resources and rules in a distributed database.


Use MySQL as example, can replace to other databases.

  1. Start the MySQL service;
  2. Create to be registered MySQL databases;
  3. Create role and user in MySQL with creation permission for ShardingSphere-Proxy;
  4. Start Zookeeper service;
  5. Add mode and authentication configurations to global.yaml;
  6. Start ShardingSphere-Proxy;
  7. Use SDK or terminal connect to ShardingSphere-Proxy.

Create Logic Database

  1. Create logic database
  1. Use newly created logic database
USE foo_db;

Resource Operation

More details please see concentrate rule examples.

Rule Operation

More details please see concentrate rule examples.


  1. Currently, DROP DATABASE will only remove the logical distributed database, not the user’s actual database;
  2. DROP TABLE will delete all logical fragmented tables and actual tables in the database;
  3. CREATE DATABASE will only create a logical distributed database, so users need to create actual databases in advance.