Micro Kernel & Cloud Native & Compatible
HTAP & Cloud Native & Compatible

Apache ShardingSphere(Incubator) is an open-source ecosystem consisted of a set of distributed database middleware solutions, including 3 independent products, Sharding-JDBC, Sharding-Proxy & Sharding-Sidecar (Planning). They all provide functions of data sharding, distributed transaction and database orchestration, applicable in a variety of situations such as Java isomorphism, heterogeneous language and cloud native.

Aiming at reasonably making full use of the computation and storage capacity of database in distributed system, ShardingSphere defines itself as a middleware, rather than a totally new type of database. As the cornerstone of many enterprises, relational database still takes a huge market share. Therefore, at current stage, we prefer to focus on its increment instead of a total overturn.

All available releases are not Apache releases, Apache releases will begin from version 4.0.0

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Data Sharding

Database sharding & Table sharding

Read-write splitting

Sharding strategy customization

Centre-less distributed primary key

Distributed Transaction

Automatic conversion from local transaction API to distributed transaction

XA and BASE transaction auto switch

Native data source interface to XA data source auto conversion

Auto compensation for BASE

Database Orchestration

Service Orchestration

  • Dynamic Configuration
  • HA
  • Circuit Breaker & Disable
  • Data Orchestration

  • Data Encrypt
  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Observability

  • APM
  • Tracing
  • Application topology
  • OpenTracing supported
  • Elastic scaling out (Planning)