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Compile source code

Download Apache ShardingSphere from GitHub,Then compile.

git clone --depth 1
cd shardingsphere
mvn clean install -DskipITs -DskipTests -Prelease

Agent artifact is distribution/agent/target/apache-shardingsphere-${latest.release.version}-shardingsphere-agent-bin.tar.gz

Proxy artifact is distribution/proxy/target/apache-shardingsphere-${latest.release.version}-shardingsphere-proxy-bin.tar.gz

Directory structure

Create agent directory, and unzip agent distribution package to the directory.

mkdir agent
tar -zxvf apache-shardingsphere-${latest.release.version}-shardingsphere-agent-bin.tar.gz -C agent
cd agent
├── conf
│   └── agent.yaml
├── plugins
│   ├── lib
│   │   ├── shardingsphere-agent-metrics-core-${latest.release.version}.jar
│   │   └── shardingsphere-agent-plugin-core-${latest.release.version}.jar
│   ├── logging
│   │   └── shardingsphere-agent-logging-file-${latest.release.version}.jar
│   ├── metrics
│   │   └── shardingsphere-agent-metrics-prometheus-${latest.release.version}.jar
│   └── tracing
│       ├── shardingsphere-agent-tracing-opentelemetry-${latest.release.version}.jar
└── shardingsphere-agent-${latest.release.version}.jar


conf/agent.yaml is used to manage agent configuration. Built-in plugins include File, Prometheus, OpenTelemetry.

#  logging:
#    File:
#      props:
#        level: "INFO"
#  metrics:
#    Prometheus:
#      host:  "localhost"
#      port: 9090
#      props:
#        jvm-information-collector-enabled: "true"
#  tracing:
#    OpenTelemetry:
#      props:
# "shardingsphere"
#        otel.traces.exporter: "jaeger"
#        otel.exporter.otlp.traces.endpoint: "http://localhost:14250"
#        otel.traces.sampler: "always_on"

Plugin description


Currently, the File plugin only outputs the time-consuming log output of building metadata, and has no other log output for the time being.


Used for exposure monitoring metrics.

  • Parameter description
Name Description
host host IP
port port
jvm-information-collector-enabled whether to collect JVM indicator information


OpenTelemetry can export tracing data to Jaeger, Zipkin.

  • Parameter description
Name Description service name
otel.traces.exporter traces exporter
otel.exporter.otlp.traces.endpoint traces endpoint
otel.traces.sampler traces sampler

Parameter reference OpenTelemetry SDK Autoconfigure


Start ShardingSphere-Proxy

tar -zxvf apache-shardingsphere-${latest.release.version}-shardingsphere-proxy-bin.tar.gz
cd apache-shardingsphere-${latest.release.version}-shardingsphere-proxy-bin
./bin/ -g

After startup, you can find the plugin info in the log of ShardingSphere-Proxy, Metric and Tracing data can be viewed through the configured monitoring address.


Name Type Description
build_info GAUGE Build information
parsed_sql_total COUNTER Total count of parsed by type (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, SELECT, DDL, DCL, DAL, TCL, RQL, RDL, RAL, RUL)
routed_sql_total COUNTER Total count of routed by type (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, SELECT)
routed_result_total COUNTER Total count of routed result (data source routed, table routed)
proxy_state GAUGE Status information of ShardingSphere-Proxy. 0 is OK; 1 is CIRCUIT BREAK; 2 is LOCK
proxy_meta_data_info GAUGE Meta data information of ShardingSphere-Proxy. database_count is logic number of databases; storage_unit_count is number of storage units
proxy_current_connections GAUGE Current connections of ShardingSphere-Proxy
proxy_requests_total COUNTER Total requests of ShardingSphere-Proxy
proxy_transactions_total COUNTER Total transactions of ShardingSphere-Proxy, classify by commit, rollback
proxy_execute_latency_millis HISTOGRAM Execute latency millis histogram of ShardingSphere-Proxy
proxy_execute_errors_total COUNTER Total executor errors of ShardingSphere-Proxy