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Pipeline E2E Test


Verify the functional correctness of pipeline scenarios.

Test environment type

Currently, NATIVE and DOCKER are available.

  1. NATIVE : Run on developer local machine. Need to start ShardingSphere-Proxy instance and database instance by developer. It could be used for local debugging.
  2. DOCKER : Run on docker started by Maven plugin. It could be used for GitHub Actions, and it could be used for local debugging too.

Supported databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL and openGauss.

User guide

Module path: test/e2e/operation/pipeline.

Environment setup

${DOCKER-IMAGE} refers to the name of a docker mirror, such as mysql:5.7. ${DATABASE-TYPE} refers to database types.

Directory: src/test/resources/env/

  • Environment setup configuration file.
  • ${DATABASE-TYPE}/global.yaml: ShardingSphere-Proxy configuration fi;e.
  • ${DATABASE-TYPE}/initdb.sql: Database initialization SQL file.
  • ${DATABASE-TYPE}/*.cnf,*.conf: Database configuration files.
  • common/*.xml: DistSQL files.
  • scenario/: SQL files for different scenarios.

Test case

Test case example: MySQLMigrationGeneralE2EIT. Functions included:

  • Database-level migration (all tables).
  • Table-level migration (any number).
  • Verify migration data consistency.
  • Support restart during data migration.
  • Support integer primary keys during data migration.
  • Support string primary keys during data migration.
  • A non-administrator account can be used to migrate data.

Running the test case

Any property of could be defined by Maven command line parameter -D, and its priority is higher than configuration file.

NATIVE environment setup

  1. Start ShardingSphere-Proxy (port should be 3307): refer to proxy startup guide, or run org.apache.shardingsphere.proxy.Bootstrap in IDE after modifying proxy/bootstrap/src/main/resources/conf/global.yaml.

Refer to following files for proxy global.yaml configuration:

  • test/e2e/operation/pipeline/src/test/resources/env/mysql/server-8.yaml
  • test/e2e/operation/pipeline/src/test/resources/env/postgresql/global.yaml
  • test/e2e/operation/pipeline/src/test/resources/env/opengauss/global.yaml
  1. Start registry center (e.g. ZooKeeper) and database.

  2. Take MySQL as an example, could be configured as follows:
  1. Find test class and start it on IDE.

DOCKER environment setup

Refer to .github/workflows/e2e-pipeline.yml for more details.

  1. Build docker image.
./mvnw -B clean install -am -pl test/e2e/operation/pipeline -Pit.env.docker -DskipTests

Running the above command will build a docker image apache/shardingsphere-proxy-test:latest.

The docker image has port 3308 for remote debugging.

If only test code is modified, you could reuse existing docker image.

  1. Configure
  1. Run test cases.

Take MySQL as an example:

./mvnw -nsu -B install -f test/e2e/operation/pipeline/pom.xml