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Use Helm

Use Helm to provide guidance for the installation of ShardingSphere-Proxy instance in Kubernetes cluster.

Quick Start

helm repo add shardingsphere
helm install shardingsphere-proxy shardingsphere/apache-shardingsphere-proxy

Step By Step


  1. Kubernetes 1.18+

  2. kubectl

  3. Helm 3.2.0+

Use StorageClass to allow dynamic provisioning of Persistent Volumes (PV) for data persistent.


Online installation

  1. Add ShardingSphere-Proxy to the local helm repo:
helm repo add shardingsphere
  1. Install ShardingSphere-Proxy charts:
helm install shardingsphere-proxy shardingsphere/apache-shardingsphere-proxy

Source installation

cd apache-shardingsphere-proxy/charts/governance
helm dependency build 
cd ../..                               
helm dependency build                                   
cd ..                                                   
helm install shardingsphere-proxy apache-shardingsphere-proxy

Charts will be installed with default configuration if above commands executed. Please refer configuration items description below to get more details. Execute helm list to acquire all installed releases.


helm uninstall shardingsphere-proxy

Delete all release records by default, add --keep-history to keep them.


Governance-Node parameters

Name Description Value
governance.enabled Switch to enable or disable the governance helm chart true

Governance-Node ZooKeeper parameters

Name Description Value
governance.zookeeper.enabled Switch to enable or disable the ZooKeeper helm chart true
governance.zookeeper.replicaCount Number of ZooKeeper nodes 1
governance.zookeeper.persistence.enabled Enable persistence on ZooKeeper using PVC(s) false
governance.zookeeper.persistence.storageClass Persistent Volume storage class ""
governance.zookeeper.persistence.accessModes Persistent Volume access modes ["ReadWriteOnce"]
governance.zookeeper.persistence.size Persistent Volume size 8Gi
governance.zookeeper.resources.limits The resources limits for the ZooKeeper containers {}
governance.zookeeper.resources.requests.memory The requested memory for the ZooKeeper containers 256Mi
governance.zookeeper.resources.requests.cpu The requested cpu for the ZooKeeper containers 250m

Compute-Node ShardingSphere-Proxy parameters

Name Description Value
compute.image.repository Image name of ShardingSphere-Proxy. apache/shardingsphere-proxy
compute.image.pullPolicy The policy for pulling ShardingSphere-Proxy image IfNotPresent
compute.image.tag ShardingSphere-Proxy image tag 5.1.2
compute.imagePullSecrets Specify docker-registry secret names as an array []
compute.resources.limits The resources limits for the ShardingSphere-Proxy containers {}
compute.resources.requests.memory The requested memory for the ShardingSphere-Proxy containers 2Gi
compute.resources.requests.cpu The requested cpu for the ShardingSphere-Proxy containers 200m
compute.replicas Number of cluster replicas 3
compute.service.type ShardingSphere-Proxy network mode ClusterIP
compute.service.port ShardingSphere-Proxy expose port 3307
compute.mysqlConnector.version MySQL connector version 5.1.49
compute.startPort ShardingSphere-Proxy start port 3307
compute.serverConfig ServerConfiguration file for ShardingSphere-Proxy ""