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Get ShardingSphere-Proxy

ShardingSphere-Proxy is available at:

Rule Configuration

Edit %SHARDINGSPHERE_PROXY_HOME%/conf/config-xxx.yaml.

Edit %SHARDINGSPHERE_PROXY_HOME%/conf/server.yaml.

%SHARDINGSPHERE_PROXY_HOME% is the shardingsphere proxy extract path. for example: /opt/shardingsphere-proxy-bin/

Please refer to Configuration Manual for more details.

Import Dependencies

If the backend database is PostgreSQL, there’s no need for additional dependencies.

If the backend database is MySQL, please download mysql-connector-java-5.1.47.jar or mysql-connector-java-8.0.11.jar and put it into %SHARDINGSPHERE_PROXY_HOME%/ext-lib directory.

Start Server

  • Use default configuration to start

Default port is 3307, default profile directory is %SHARDINGSPHERE_PROXY_HOME%/conf/ .

  • Customize port and profile directory
sh %SHARDINGSPHERE_PROXY_HOME%/bin/ ${port} ${proxy_conf_directory}

Use ShardingSphere-Proxy

Use MySQL or PostgreSQL client to connect ShardingSphere-Proxy. For example with MySQL:

mysql -u${proxy_username} -p${proxy_password} -h${proxy_host} -P${proxy_port}