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SPI Name Description
SQLRouter Used to process routing results
Implementation Class Description
ReadwriteSplittingSQLRouter Used to process read-write separation routing results
DatabaseDiscoverySQLRouter Used to process database discovery routing results
SingleTableSQLRouter Used to process single-table routing results
ShardingSQLRouter Used to process sharding routing results
ShadowSQLRouter Used to process shadow database routing results


SPI Name Description
SQLRewriteContextDecorator Used to process SQL rewrite results
SPI Name Description
ShardingSQLRewriteContextDecorator Used to process sharding SQL rewrite results
EncryptSQLRewriteContextDecorator Used to process encryption SQL rewrite results


SPI Name Description
SQLExecutionHook Hook of SQL execution
Implementation Class Description
TransactionalSQLExecutionHook Transaction hook of SQL execution


SPI Name Description
ResultProcessEngine Used by merge engine to process result set
Implementation Class Description
ShardingResultMergerEngine Used by merge engine to process sharding result set
EncryptResultDecoratorEngine Used by merge engine to process encryption result set


SPI Name Description
StoragePrivilegeHandler Use SQL dialect to process privilege metadata
Implementation Class Description
PostgreSQLPrivilegeHandler Use PostgreSQL dialect to process privilege metadata
SQLServerPrivilegeHandler Use SQLServer dialect to process privilege metadata
OraclePrivilegeHandler Use Oracle dialect to process privilege metadata
MySQLPrivilegeHandler Use MySQL dialect to process privilege metadata


SPI Name Description
DynamicDataSourceStrategy Dynamic data source fetch strategy
Implementation Class Description
DatabaseDiscoveryDynamicDataSourceStrategy Use database discovery to dynamic fetch data source