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SPI Name Description
DatabaseProtocolFrontendEngine Regulate parse and adapter protocol of database access for ShardingSphere-Proxy
Implementation Class Description
MySQLFrontendEngine Base on MySQL database protocol
PostgreSQLFrontendEngine Base on PostgreSQL database protocol
OpenGaussFrontendEngine Base on openGauss database protocol


SPI Name Description
AuthorityProviderAlgorithm User authority loading logic
Implementation Class Type Description
NativeAuthorityProviderAlgorithm (Deprecated) NATIVE Persist user authority defined in server.yaml into the backend database. An admin user will be created if not existed
AllPermittedPrivilegesProviderAlgorithm ALL_PERMITTED All privileges granted to user by default (No authentication). Will not interact with the actual database
SchemaPermittedPrivilegesProviderAlgorithm DATABASE_PERMITTED Permissions configured through the attribute user-database-mappings