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Use Binary Tar

Startup Steps

  1. Get ShardingSphere-Proxy binary package from download page.
  2. After the decompression, revise conf/server.yaml and documents begin with config- prefix, conf/config-xxx.yaml for example, to configure sharding rules and readwrite-splitting rules. Please refer to Configuration Manual for the configuration method.
  3. Please run bin/ for Linux operating system; run bin/start.bat for Windows operating system to start ShardingSphere-Proxy. To configure start port and document location, please refer to Quick Start.

Using database protocol

Using PostgreSQL

  1. Use any PostgreSQL terminal to connect, such as psql -U root -h -p 3307.

Using MySQL

  1. Copy MySQL’s JDBC driver to folder ext-lib/.
  2. Use any MySQL terminal to connect, such as mysql -u root -h -P 3307.

Using openGauss

  1. Copy openGauss’s JDBC driver whose package prefixed with org.opengauss to folder ext-lib/.
  2. Use any openGauss terminal to connect, such as gsql -U root -h -p 3307.

Using metadata persist repository

Using ZooKeeper

Integrated ZooKeeper Curator client by default.

Using Etcd

  1. Copy Etcd’s client driver to folder ext-lib/.

Using Distributed Transaction

Same with ShardingSphere-JDBC. please refer to Distributed Transaction for more details.

Using user-defined algorithm

When developer need to use user-defined algorithm, should use the way below to configure algorithm, use sharding algorithm as example.

  1. Implement ShardingAlgorithm interface.
  2. Create META-INF/services directory in the resources directory.
  3. Create a new file org.apache.shardingsphere.sharding.spi.ShardingAlgorithm in the META-INF/services directory.
  4. Absolute path of the implementation class are write to the file org.apache.shardingsphere.sharding.spi.ShardingAlgorithm
  5. Package Java file to jar.
  6. Copy jar to ShardingSphere-Proxy’s ext-lib/ folder.
  7. Configure user-defined Java class into YAML file. Please refer to Configuration Manual for more details.


  1. ShardingSphere-Proxy uses 3307 port in default. Users can start the script parameter as the start port number, like bin/ 3308.
  2. ShardingSphere-Proxy uses conf/server.yaml to configure the registry center, authentication information and public properties.
  3. ShardingSphere-Proxy supports multi-logic data sources, with each yaml configuration document named by config- prefix as a logic data source.