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With information technology innovating, more and more applications established in the new fields, prompt and push evolution of human society’s cooperation mode. Data is increasing explosively, the data storage and computing method are facing innovation all the time.

Transaction, big data, association analysis, Internet of things and other scenarios subdivided quickly, a single database can not apply to all application scenarios anymore. At the same time, the internal of scenario is becoming more and more detailed, and it has become normal for similar scenarios to use different databases.

The trend of database fragmentation is coming.


There is no unified database access protocol and SQL dialect, as well as the maintenance and monitoring methods differences by various databases, learning and maintenance cost of developers and DBAs are increasing rapidly. Improving the compatibility with the original database is the premise of providing incremental services on it.

The compatibility between SQL dialect and database protocol is the key point to improve database compatibility.


The goal of database compatibility for Apache ShardingSphere is make user feel nothing changed among various original databases.