RAL (Resource & Rule Administration Language) responsible for the added-on feature of hint, transaction type switch, scaling, sharding execute planning and so on.



Statement Function Example
set readwrite_splitting hint source = [auto / write] For current connection, set readwrite splitting routing strategy (automatic or forced to write data source) set readwrite_splitting hint source = write
set sharding hint database_value = yy For current connection, set sharding value for database sharding only, yy: sharding value set sharding hint database_value = 100
add sharding hint database_value xx= yy For current connection, add sharding value for table, xx: logic table, yy: database sharding value add sharding hint database_value t_order= 100
add sharding hint table_value xx = yy For current connection, add sharding value for table, xx: logic table, yy: table sharding value add sharding hint table_value t_order = 100
clear hint For current connection, clear all hint settings clear hint
clear [sharding hint / readwrite_splitting hint] For current connection, clear hint settings of sharding or readwrite splitting clear readwrite_splitting hint
show [sharding / readwrite_splitting] hint status For current connection, query hint settings of sharding or readwrite splitting show readwrite_splitting hint status


Statement Function Example
show scaling list Query running list show scaling list
show scaling status xx Query scaling status, xx:jobId show scaling status 1234
start scaling xx Start scaling, xx:jobId start scaling 1234
stop scaling xx Stop scaling, xx:jobId stop scaling 1234
drop scaling xx Drop scaling, xx:jobId drop scaling 1234
reset scaling xx reset progress, xx:jobId reset scaling 1234
check scaling xx Data consistency check with algorithm in server.yaml, xx: jobId check scaling 1234
show scaling check algorithms Show available consistency check algorithms show scaling check algorithms
check scaling {jobId} by type(name={algorithmType}) Data consistency check with defined algorithm check scaling 1234 by type(name=DEFAULT)
stop scaling source writing xx The source ShardingSphere data source is discontinued, xx:jobId stop scaling source writing 1234
checkout scaling xx Switch to target ShardingSphere data source, xx:jobId checkout scaling 1234

Circuit Breaker

Statement Function Example
[enable / disable] readwrite_splitting read xxx [from schema] Enable or disable read data source enable readwrite_splitting read resource_0
[enable / disable] instance IP=xxx, PORT=xxx Enable or disable proxy instance disable instance IP=, PORT=3307
show instance list Query proxy instance information show instance list
show readwrite_splitting read resources [from schema] Query all read resources status show readwrite_splitting read resources


Statement Function Example
set variable proxy_property_name = xx proxy_property_name is one of properties configuration of proxy,name is split by underscore set variable sql_show = true
set variable transaction_type = xx Modify transaction_type of the current connection, supports LOCAL, XA, BASE set variable transaction_type = XA
set variable agent_plugins_enabled = [true / false] Set whether the agent plugins are enabled, the default value is false set variable agent_plugins_enabled = true
show all variables Query proxy all properties configuration show all variable
show variable proxy_property_name Query proxy properties configuration, name is split by underscore show variable sql_show
show variable transaction_type Query the transaction type of the current connection show variable transaction_type
show variable cached_connections Query the number of cached physical database connections in the current connection show variable cached_connections
show variable agent_plugins_enabled Query whether the agent plugin are enabled show variable agent_plugins_enabled
preview SQL Preview the actual SQLs preview select * from t_order


ShardingSphere-Proxy does not support hint by default, to support it, set proxy-hint-enabled to true in conf/server.yaml.