Apache ShardingSphere provides the way of property configuration to configure system level configuration.

Configuration Item Explanation

Name Data Type Description Default Value Whether to support dynamic modification
sql-show (?) boolean Whether show SQL or not in log.
Print SQL details can help developers debug easier. The log details include: logic SQL, actual SQL and SQL parse result.
Enable this property will log into log topic ShardingSphere-SQL, log level is INFO.
false true
sql-simple (?) boolean Whether show SQL details in simple style. false true
kernel-executor-size (?) int The max thread size of worker group to execute SQL. One ShardingSphereDataSource will use a independent thread pool, it does not share thread pool even different data source in same JVM. infinite false
max-connections-size-per-query (?) int Max opened connection size for each query. 1 true
check-table-metadata-enabled (?) boolean Whether validate table meta data consistency when application startup or updated. false false
proxy-frontend-flush-threshold (?) int Flush threshold for every records from databases for ShardingSphere-Proxy. 128 true
proxy-opentracing-enabled (?) boolean Whether enable opentracing for ShardingSphere-Proxy. false true
proxy-hint-enabled (?) boolean Whether enable hint for ShardingSphere-Proxy. Using Hint will switch proxy thread mode from IO multiplexing to per connection per thread, which will reduce system throughput. false true
proxy-backend-query-fetch-size (?) int Proxy backend query fetch size. A larger value may increase the memory usage of ShardingSphere Proxy. The default value is -1, which means set the minimum value for different JDBC drivers. -1 false
check-duplicate-table-enabled (?) boolean Whether validate duplicate table when application startup or updated. false false
sql-comment-parse-enabled (?) boolean Whether parse the comment of SQL. false true
proxy-frontend-executor-size (?) int Proxy frontend Netty executor size. The default value is 0, which means let Netty decide. 0 false
proxy-backend-executor-suitable (?) String Available options of proxy backend executor suitable: OLAP(default), OLTP. The OLTP option may reduce time cost of writing packets to client, but it may increase the latency of SQL execution if client connections are more than proxy-frontend-netty-executor-size, especially executing slow SQL. OLAP false
sql-federation-enabled (?) boolean Whether enable sql federation. false true

Properties that support dynamic modification can take effect immediately after being configured through DistSQL. Properties that do not support dynamic modification can also be configured through DistSQL but need to be restarted to take effect.