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Apache ShardingSphere Enterprise Applications: Zhuanzhuan’s Transaction System with 100s of Millions of Records

Background and Challenges Zhuanzhuan is an internet platform that allows it users to sell their second-hand stuff — sort of an eBay of the East. Its business had been booming, and with it the ordering system started to face increasing performances challenges. The order database is the cornerstone of the syste

How to Use ShardingSphere-Proxy in Real Production Scenarios—Your Quick Start Guide

This post analyzes ops & maintenance solutions with experiences taken from real production scenarios for data sharding and other functions provided by ShardingSphere-Proxy Version 5.1.0. Unless otherwise specified, in the following examples, when we say “database” we refer to MySQL. What does ShardingSp

Apache ShardingSphere & openGauss: Breaking the Distributed Database Performance Record with 10 Million tpmC

Our open source community has cooperated Huawei’s openGauss to build a distributed solution with Apache ShardingSphere and openGauss. We tested performance together with openGauss on 16 servers for more than one hour. The results were great: our joint solution broke the performance bottleneck of a single mach

Apache ShardingSphere 5.1.1 Is Available

In less than two months since the release of Apache ShardingSphere 5.1.0, our community has merged 698 PRs from teams or individuals around the world to bring you the new 5.1.1 release. This release has a number of optimizations in terms of features, performance, testing, documentation, examples and more. T

A Practical Guide to Apache ShardingSphere’s HINT

Background Apache ShardingSphere has gradually introduced various features based on practical user requirements, such as data sharding and read/write splitting. The data sharding feature contains many practical sharding strategies such as Standard Sharding Strategy and Complex Sharding Strategy, and users can

A Holistic Pluggable Platform for Data Sharding — ICDE 2022 & Understanding Apache ShardingSphere

I bet you have at least once experienced accessibility issues on your preferred online shopping website. Yo may have not even thought much about it, or you may have attirbuted it to a slow internet connction, but the truth is that the increasing concurrent access that databases cannot deal with is one of the

1st Academic Paper by Apache ShardingSphere Accepted by ICDE, A Top-Level Database Conference

ICDE Accepted Apache ShardingSphere’s First Academic Paper Recently, “Apache ShardingSphere: A Holistic and Pluggable Platform for Data Sharding”, co-authored by the Apache ShardingSphere community, SphereEx Lab and the Department of Computer Science of Chongqing University, has been accepted by The Internati

Asia’s E-Commerce Giant Dangdang Increases Order Processing Speed by 30% — Saves Over Ten Million in Technology Budget with Apache ShardingSphere

Apache ShardingSphere is an easy-to-use and stable product, making Dangdang’s warehouse management system (WMS) even more powerful. Integrated with WMS, ShardingSphere plays a vital role in reforming the supply chain system. Li Yong, Head of WMS Technology, Dangdang Ffollowing Apache ShardingSphere 5.0.0

SQL Parse Format Function — A Technical Deep Dive by Apache ShardingSphere

Complicted SQL statements are some of the most common problems that data scientists and engineers encounter. For example, can you comprehend at first glance the complex SQL statement below? select a.order_id,a.status,sum( as money from t_order a inner join (select c.order_id as order_id, c.number * d.

Featured update! DISTSQL cluster governance capacity detailed explanation

Featured update! DISTSQL cluster governance capacity detailed explanation Background Since the release of Apache ShardingSphere 5.0.0-Beta, DistSQL has quickly come to the forefront of users’ minds and has become increasingly popular among developers and operators for its unique “dynamic, no resta