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A Step-by-Step Guide to Data Migration: Unlocking Distributed Database Potential with ShardingSphere

As businesses grow and data volumes and concurrent transactions surge, traditional standalone databases often face challenges related to performance, scalability, and availability. To overcome these limitations, the industry has introduced NoSQL solutions, employing techniques like data sharding and horizonta

AWS Summit China 2023: ShardingSphere Highlights and Data Security Insights

TheAWS Summit China 2023, held in Shanghai from June 27th to June 28th, brought together global leaders in the cloud computing sector. This two-day event featured over 100 leading companies and organizations, along with industry experts who delivered insightful speeches on reliable technology and services. Fr

Chaos Engineering: Efficient Way to Improve System Availability

Resilience is a crucial requirement for ShardingSphere-Proxy, an essential database infrastructure. Testing and verifying resilience can be efficiently achieved through the use of chaos engineering methodology. To support customized chaos engineering, the ShardingSphere-on-Cloud project is designing and imple

How to Run SQL Trace with ShardingSphere-Agent

Apache ShardingSphere, a data service platform that follows the Database Plus concept for distributed database systems, offers a range of features, including data sharding, read/write splitting, data encryption, and shadow database. In production environment, especially in data-sharding scenarios, SQL tracing

Enhancing Database Security: ShardingSphere-Proxy’s Authentication

ShardingSphere-Proxy is a transparent database proxy that supports interaction with any client using MySQL, PostgreSQL, or openGauss protocols. Proxy provides user authentication and can adapt to different authentication modes for various database protocols. However, there is a question that has been rarely a

Simplifying Learning: ShardingSphere’s Template Engine for Streamlined Examples

After years of rapid development, ShardingSphere has grown significantly, offering six core functional modules that cater to various needs. It is also compatible with different registries, such as ZooKeeper and Nacos, allowing for seamless integration. Moreover, it supports distributed transactions and variou

How South Korea’s Yogiyo Improved Scalability and Performance with Apache ShardingSphere

Yogiyo is South Korea’s leading mobile and online food delivery platform that seeks to offer customers powerful and convenient food ordering services. Formerly a subsidiary of Delivery Hero, Yogiyo was acquired by GS Retail, one of Korea’s top ten listed companies, for $684 million at the end of 2021. Hello!

Revamped ShardingSphere-On-Cloud: What’s New in Version 0.2.0 with CRD ComputeNode

Apache ShardingSphere-On-Cloud recently released version 0.2.0, which includes a new CRD ComputeNode for ShardingSphere Operator. This new feature enables users to define computing nodes fully within the ShardingSphere architecture. Introduction to ComputeNode In the classic architecture of Apache ShardingSph

Monitoring SQL Performance with ShardingSphere-Agent, Prometheus and Grafana

As business systems become more complex, users are increasingly concerned about system performance and the need to monitor relevant metrics during system operation. This includes obtaining real-time monitoring metric information, monitoring and warning of relevant issues, and combining business analysis to lo

ShardingSphere 5.3.2 Release: Apollo Integration, Better Data Migration, and Stronger Encryption

Apache ShardingSphere has recently released version 5.3.2 after two months of development, which includes 797 PRs from teams and individuals worldwide. The new version includes significant improvements in functionality, performance, testing, documentation, and examples. With this update, users can experience