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Database Plus’s Embracing the Cloud: ShardingSphere-on-Cloud Solution Released

As a follower of the Database Plus development concept, ShardingSphere has successfully passed production environment tests across multiple industries and gained popularity among community enthusiasts. As Kubernetes has become the de facto standard for container orchestration, the cloud-native concept has gon

DistSQL Applications: Building a Dynamic Distributed Database

Background Ever since the release of ShardingSphere 5.0.0, DistSQL has been providing strong dynamic management capabilities to the ShardingSphere ecosystem. Thanks to DistSQL, users have been empowered to do the following: Create logical databases online. Dynamically configure rules (i.e. sharding, data enc

User Case: China Unicom Digital Technology - Ensuring Stability, Efficiency, and Replicability at Scale

China Unicom Digital Tech is the subsidiary of China Unicom, a global leading telecommunication operator with over 310 million subscribers as of 2021. The company integrates with China Unicom’s capabilities such as cloud computing, Big Data, IoT, AI, blockchain, and security and touches on smart city, industr

ShardingSphere Cloud Applications: An out-of-the-box ShardingSphere-Proxy Cluster

The Apache ShardingSphere v5.1.2 update introduces three new features, one of which allows using the ShardingSphere-Proxy chart to rapidly deploy a set of ShardingSphere-Proxy clusters in a cloud environment. This post takes a closer look at this feature. Background and Pain Points In a cloud-native environme

ShardingSphere-Proxy Front-End Protocol Troubleshooting Guide and Examples

ShardingSphere-Proxy, positioned as a transparent database proxy, is one of Apache ShardingSphere’s access points. ShardingSphere-Proxy implements a database protocol that can be accessed by any client using or compatible with MySQL / PostgreSQL / openGauss protocols. The advantage of ShardingSphere-Proxy ove

ShardingSphere-JDBC Driver Released: A JDBC Driver That Requires No Code Modifications

Background ShardingSphereDataSourceFactory is the most basic user API of Apache ShardingSphere JDBC, and it is used to transform users’ rule configuration objects and generate the standard implementation of the DataSource. It also provides YamlShardingSphereDataSourceFactory for YAML configuration, as w

ShardingSphere & Database Mesh

Some time ago, SphereEx, a startup formed by Apache ShardingSphere’s core contributor team, officially launched the Database Mesh 2.0 concept and its associated open source solution “Pisanix”, sparking discussion and reflection in the community about ShardingSphere and Database Mesh. Some community users migh

Cloud native deployment for a high-performance data gateway + new API driver: Apache ShardingSphere 5.1.2 is released

Following the release of Apache ShardingSphere 5.1.1, our community integrated 1,028 PRs from contributors all over the world to bring you the latest 5.1.2 version. The new version includes a lot of improvements in terms of functions, performance, tests, documentation, examples, etc. Standout new features inc

Heterogeneous migration: reducing Dangdang’s customer system RTO 60x and increasing speed by 20%

Apache ShardingSphere helps Dangdang rebuild its customer system with 350 million users, and seamlessly transition from a PHP+SQL Server technology stack to a Java+ShardingSphere+MySQL stack. The performance, availability, and maintainability of its customer system have been significantly improved, which is t

Understanding Apache ShardingSphere's SPI, and why it’s simpler than Dubbo’s

Why learn ShardingSphere’s SPI? You might already be familiar with Java and Dubbo’s SPI (Service Provider Interface) mechanism, so you may wonder “why would I learn about ShardingSphere’s SPI mechanism?” The reasons are quite simple: ShardingSphere’s source code is simpler and easier to adapt. The execution