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ShardingSphere x JD Baitiao: Story of an Implementation Journey

Apache ShardingSphere has become the best solution for JD Baitiao’s very large storage scenarios and scale-up. JD’s shopping festival weighed very much on our big data storage. I mean, like hundreds of millions of data sets. JD Baitiao, an internet credit products provider launched in 2014, has

ShardingSphere x Google Summer of Code: Students, How Was Your Open Source Experience?

Recently the ShardingSphere community had the pleasure of contributing to the Google Summer of Code (GSoC), and mentoring the next generation of open source innovators. Our project was select to be part of this brilliant and long running program, to provide students from all over the world with an experience

openGauss X ShardingSphere: One of the Top Distribution Solutions

About openGauss openGauss is an open source relational database management system. Since its launch in June 2020, it has made waves the database management vertical. With an increasing number of partners and developers, it’s already reaping the benefits of the significant efforts & resources poured into b

AutoTable: Your Butler-Like Sharding Configuration Tool

Summary In the previous article “An Introduction to DistSQL” written by Haoran Meng, the Apache ShardingSphere Committer shared the motivating reasons behind the design of DistSQL, explained its syntax system, and impressively showcased how you can use one SQL to create a sharding table. We believe that you s

E-Hualu X ShardingSphere | Hulu Story’s Data Processing Shortcut

“ShardingSphere has greatly simplified sharding development and maintenance, which has played a very important role in our rapid product release. We estimate that ShardingSphere has saved us at least 4 months of R&D costs.” — Shi Moxuan, Technical Director,E-Hualu At the beginning of this year, E-hualu o

Updates and FAQ — Your 1 Minute Quick Start Guide to ShardingSphere

Background Apache ShardingSphere is an Apache Top-Level project and is one of the most popular open-source big data projects. It was started about 5 years ago, and now ShardingSphere has over 14K+ stars and 270+ contributors in its community. The successful project has already launched and updated many versio

How Can Students Participate in Open-Source Communities?

Having some experience in Open-Source projects or communities is quite common for developers nowadays. Actually, not only adults but students should, and are increasingly likely to get involved in Open-Source projects. If you want to know more about why you should consider being part of Open-Source projects,

A Distributed Database Middleware Ecosystem Driven by Open Source

On July 21, 2021, Pan Juan, the SphereEx Co-Founder and Apache ShardingSphere PMC, was invited to give a keynote session at the 2021 AWS Cloud Summit Shanghai, on “Apache ShardingSphere: Open-Source Distributed Database Middleware Ecosystem Building”. She introduced the expansion of the Open-Source project, c

ShardingSphere’s Metadata Loading Process

1. Overview Metadata is the data that constitutes the data. In database terms, any data that describes the database is metadata. Column names, database names, usernames, table names, etc. and data customization library tables that store information about database objects are metadata. ShardingSphere core func

An Introduction to DistSQL

We believe that if you’re reading this then you’re familiar with SQL (Structured Query Language), the data query and programming language. It’s also used as the standard language of relational database management systems for accessing data, querying, updating and managing relational database systems. Similar