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Managing Metadata in Sharded Database Environments with ShardingSphere's Built-in Metadata Function

Apache ShardingSphere is a popular open-source data management platform that supports sharding, encryption, read/write splitting, transactions, and high availability. The metadata of ShardingSphere comprises of rules, data sources, and table structures, which are crucial for the platform’s proper functi

Streamlining Database Configuration with DistSQL's Export, Import, and YAML Conversion

DistSQL, which stands for Distributed SQL, is a specialized operating language exclusive to Apache ShardingSphere. This language provides users with a simplified and powerful dynamic management system that allows them to operate ShardingSphere like a traditional database. One of the key benefits of using Dist

ShardingSphere Operator Practical Guide

Apache ShardingSphere-on-Cloud sub-project ShardingSphere-on-Cloud is a sub-project of Apache ShardingSphere for cloud solutions, covering verything from automated deployment scripts to virtual machines in AWS, GCP, AliCloud, Huawei Cloud cloud environments such as CloudFormation Stack templates, Terraform an

ShardingSphere 5.3.x Update: Spring Configuration Update Guide

Before 5.3.0, ShardingSphere-JDBC supported Java API, YAML, Spring Boot Starter, and Spring Namespace. However, compatibility with Spring has brought the following challenges to the community: Many configuration files need to be adjusted when adding or updating API, which causes a heavy workload. The communi

ShardingSphere-Proxy Database Protocol Interaction Explained

Database protocols are considered relatively unknown knowledge for most developers. Generally, users and developers use databases through off-the-shelf database clients and drivers, without manipulating database protocols directly. However, having some basic understanding of the features and processes of data

Dynamic Data Masking | ShardingSphere 5.3.1 Deep Dive

With increased focus placed on user data protection and the introduction of privacy laws or data protection regulations such as GDPR, being compliant in terms of digital personal privacy is now of paramount importance. Traditional applications generally lack personal data protection. Data masking enables data

A Distributed Database Load Balancing Architecture Based on ShardingSphere: Demo and User Case

This post introduces how to build a distributed database load-balancing architecture based on ShardingSphere, and the impact of introducing load balancing with a user case. Finally, a one-stop solution for Apache ShardingSphere distributed databases on the cloud will be presented and demonstrated at the end.

Leverage Terraform to Create an Apache ShardingSphere Proxy High Availability Cluster on AWS

For this ShardingSphere blog entry, we want you to take advantage of the benefits of IaC (Infrastructure as Code) by deploying and managing a ShardingSphere Proxy cluster the IaC way. With this in mind, we plan to use Terraform to create a ShardingSphere-Proxy high availability cluster with multiple availabil

Refactoring the DistSQL Syntax | ShardingSphere 5.3.0 Deep Dive

Background DistSQL (Distributed SQL) is ShardingSphere’s SQL-like functional language. Since we releasedversion 5.0.0-Beta, we’ve been iterating rapidly and providing users with features including rule management, cluster management, and metadata management. It was an incremental improvement proce

Fuzzy query for CipherColumn | ShardingSphere 5.3.0 Deep Dive

1. Background Apache ShardingSphere supports data encryption. By parsing users' SQL input and rewriting the SQL according to the users' encryption rules, the original data is encrypted and stored with ciphertext data in the underlying database at the same time. When a user queries the data, it only fetches th