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ShardingSphere’s Metadata Loading Process

1. Overview Metadata is the data that constitutes the data. In database terms, any data that describes the database is metadata. Column names, database names, usernames, table names, etc. and data customization library tables that store information about database objects are metadata. ShardingSphere core func

An Introduction to DistSQL

We believe that if you’re reading this then you’re familiar with SQL (Structured Query Language), the data query and programming language. It’s also used as the standard language of relational database management systems for accessing data, querying, updating and managing relational database systems. Similar

Why should you get involved in an Open-Source community?

You wouldn’t imagine how close Open-Source projects are to you, as they have been integrated into every aspect of our lives - from the office to your home, from gyms to restaurants etc. The saying goes something along the lines of “Open-Source projects belong to us, not me” , which explains

Following 6 months of development Apache ShardingSphere 5.0.0-beta has been officially released!

As an Apache top-level project, ShardingSphere goes through community verification, voting and many other steps before it can be released. Such steps ensure the release is compliant with the Apache Release License specifications, and meeting the users’ expectations set for the 5.0.0-beta milestone. The curren

After years of stagnation, ElasticJob is back with the first Apache version 3.0.0-alpha

Within a few months ElasticJob as the subproject of Apache ShardingSphere has fixed and merged 535 issues and pull requests. More importantly, the ElasticJob community released the first official version: 3.0.0-alpha after joined Apache Software Foundation. Background ElasticJob (

News! The distributed scheduling project ElasticJob set sail again

ElasticJob is a distributed scheduling solution that provides distributed task sharding, elastic scaling, fully automated discovery. , multitasking based on time-driven, data-driven, resident and ad-hoc task types, task aggregation and dynamic resource provisioning, fault detection, auto-remediation, and fail

Congratulations on graduation of Apache ShardingSphere as a Top-Level Project!

Apache Software Foundation (ASF), The most popular open-source software foundation, announced Apache ShardingSphere as a Top-Level Project (TLP) on Wakefield, MA, 16th April 2020. ShardingSphere entered into the Apache incubator since 10th November 2018. With the help of mentors and the whole community, The A

How to construct the distributed database

Author | Liang Zhang Relational databases have dominated the database field for the past few decades, and the stability, security, and ease of use they bring have become the cornerstone for building modern systems. With the rapid development of the Internet, the database structured in a stand-alone system has

Exploration and expansion of the community

Apache ShardingSphere community was invited to attend the Apache Event-join Apache open source community held by at Tsinghua University on November 9th. As an honored speaker, Liang Zhang, the PPMC, gave a talk named exploring and expanding the Apache ShardingSphere community. The main points of this topic ar

Apache ShardingSphere is included in CNCF Landscape

CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation),is a cloud native computing open source software foundation founded by Google. It is committed to the popularization and sustainable development of Cloud Native technology. Cloud native technology helps enterprises and organizations to build and run agile and scalable