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ShardingSphere 5.3.2 Release: Apollo Integration, Better Data Migration, and Stronger Encryption


Apache ShardingSphere has recently released version 5.3.2 after two months of development, which includes 797 PRs from teams and individuals worldwide. The new version includes significant improvements in functionality, performance, testing, documentation, and examples. With this update, users can experience an enhanced and problem-solving version. Let’s take a quick preview of what’s new:

One of the highlights of this update is that the ShardingSphere Driver now supports Apollo. In version 5.3.0, ShardingSphere removed modules such as Spring Boot Starter and standardized the use of the standard JDBC Driver to specify configuration files. However, the ShardingSphere Driver could only read configuration from the file system, which was limited to scenarios where the configuration was managed uniformly in the configuration center. With the recent update, ShardingSphere 5.3.2 adjusted the configuration reading of the Driver to an SPI interface and achieved configuration reading from the Apollo configuration center.


The JDBC URL is written as follows:

# Read the configuration file from the absolute path

# Read the configuration file from the classpath

# Read the configuration file from the Apollo configuration center

Of course, providing an SPI interface means that developers can customize the configuration reading logic according to their own scenarios, such as implementing configuration reading from other registration centers. At the same time, the ShardingSphere community welcomes developers to contribute to the common configuration implementation, allowing more users to benefit from it.

Migrate Tables with Any Index Structure, Including Tables Without an Index

ShardingSphere is now providing support for migrating tables with any index structure, including tables without an index. This is a significant improvement that will greatly benefit users with complex application scenarios.

In some cases, tables may have composite primary keys, while in others, they may not have primary keys but have composite unique indexes. In some cases, tables may not have any primary keys or indexes at all. ShardingSphere has taken these complex scenarios into account and has made certain improvements to support data migration for such cases.

This is a significant step forward in providing users with more flexibility in managing their data and ensuring that their applications are running smoothly. The improved data migration support will make it easier for users to manage their data, regardless of the complexity of their table structures.


[1] Concurrency is supported between shards, but data partitioning within a table does not support concurrency.

[2] DATA_MATCH consistency check is not supported. CRC32_MATCH is only supported by MySQL.

[3] Breakpoint resume is supported only for the first field.

[4] Primary key tables of some field types can not be aggregated and sorted, so the DATA_MATCH consistency check is not supported, such as VARBINARY in MySQL.

The Data Encryption Fuzzy Query Now Supports the CONCAT Function

Since ShardingSphere 5.3.0 supported encrypted column fuzzy queries, the community received feedback from users regarding this function. The fuzzy query LIKE is often used in conjunction with the wildcard % through the CONCAT function in SQL. Some users reported that ShardingSphere does not support queries with wildcards concatenated through the CONCAT function in SQL and can only complete wildcard concatenation on parameter values themselves.

With the release of version 5.3.2, ShardingSphere has made further improvements in supporting functions in encryption. Now, the wildcard for fuzzy queries can be used directly in SQL in the following format:

select * from t where user_name like CONCAT('%', ?, '%')

Regarding the support for other functions, if you are interested in Apache ShardingSphere, you are welcome to participate in the community to help us achieve further improvement in the support for other functions.

Release Notes

API Changes

New Features


Bug Fixes

Overall, this new version of Apache ShardingSphere brings significant improvements and features that can help users solve their problems more efficiently. The community has done an excellent job of addressing user feedback and improving the overall user experience.

This Apache ShardingSphere 5.3.2 release is the result of 797 merged PRs, made by 37 contributors. Thank you for your passion!


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