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New feature of Apache ShardingSphere 5.x

The first version of Apache ShardingSphere 5.x will be released soon. In version 5.x, Apache ShardingSphere has made significant innovations from architecture design to product scope. Apache ShardingSphere 5.x follow pluggable architecture design concept to build a flexible, embeddable and extensible project.

How to build database ecosystem with newSQL in a big-data environment

With the rapid development of the Internet, the scale of Internet data is also explosive growth. In this scenario, how to transform and upgrade the traditional database to meet the data needs of the new Internet? How to build an ecosystem of distributed database cluster with the help of NewSQL concept to meet

Apache ShardingSphere architecture evolution driven by open source

This sharing will start with NewSQL, focusing on the evolution and planning of ShardingSphere architecture, and fall into the relationship and development between open source and contributors. From the perspective of product ecology, open source power, personal growth and development, it brings us interpretat

Exploring Apache ShardingSphere with the perspective of new SQL

NewSQL is popular in recent years, and companies all over the world have different interpretations of NewSQL. This sharing will bring you the interpretation of NewSQL concept and product architecture around the world. The architecture, characteristics, planning and open source community of Apache ShardingSphe

How to develop ShardingSphere community with Apache way

Apache shardingsphere VP: Liang Zhang gives a wonderful explanation of shardingsphere project and open source. Liang Zhang, architecture expert of Technical Center, JD Digital Technology(, Apache ShardingSphere PMC Chair. Shardingsphere has entered the Apache incubator. It is the first open source proj

Getting started with Apache ShardingSphere

Apache SharingSphere is the only database middleware project of Apache software foundation. It is mainly used in distributed database related scenarios such as data fragmentation, distributed transaction and distributed governance. This live broadcast will share why we want to participate in open source; the

The Cooperation Between ShardingSphere and openGauss

On May 29th, the “[Beijing] openGauss Meetup” event hosted by the openGauss community and jointly hosted by Beijing Kunpeng Joint Innovation Center, ENMOTECH, SANGFOR, and SphereEx was successfully held at Zhongguancun, Beijing. This Meetup is also the first joint event after SphereEx officially j