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SQL error codes provide by standard SQL State, Vendor Code and Reason, which return to client when SQL execute error.

the error codes are draft, still need to be adjusted.

Kernel Exception

Meta data

SQL State Vendor Code Reason
42000 10000 Resource does not exist.
08000 10001 The URL `%s` is not recognized, please refer to the pattern `%s`.
42000 10002 Can not support 3-tier structure for actual data node `%s` with JDBC `%s`.
HY004 10003 Invalid format for actual data node `%s`.
42000 10004 Unsupported SQL node conversion for SQL statement `%s`.
42000 10010 Rule does not exist.
42S02 10020 Schema `%s` does not exist.
42S02 10021 Single table `%s` does not exist.
HY000 10022 Can not load table with database name `%s` and data source name `%s`.
0A000 10030 Can not drop schema `%s` because of contains tables.


SQL State Vendor Code Reason
HY004 11000 Invalid value `%s`.
HY004 11001 Unsupported conversion data type `%s` for value `%s`.
HY000 11002 Can not find `%s` file for datetime initialize.
HY004 11010 Unsupported conversion stream charset `%s`.


SQL State Vendor Code Reason
42000 12000 You have an error in your SQL syntax: %s
42000 12001 Can not accept SQL type `%s`.
42000 12002 SQL String can not be NULL or empty.
42000 12010 Can not support variable `%s`.
42S02 12011 Can not find column label `%s`.
HV008 12020 Column index `%d` is out of range.
0A000 12100 DROP TABLE … CASCADE is not supported.


SQL State Vendor Code Reason
08000 13000 Can not register driver, reason is: %s
01000 13010 Circuit break open, the request has been ignored.
08000 13020 Can not get %d connections one time, partition succeed connection(%d) have released. Please consider increasing the `maxPoolSize` of the data sources or decreasing the `max-connections-size-per-query` in properties.
08000 13030 Connection has been closed.
08000 13031 Result set has been closed.
HY000 13090 Load datetime from database failed, reason: %s


SQL State Vendor Code Reason
25000 14000 Switch transaction type failed, please terminate the current transaction.
25000 14100 JDBC does not support operations across multiple logical databases in transaction.
25000 14200 Can not start new XA transaction in a active transaction.
25000 14201 Failed to create `%s` XA data source.
25000 14202 Max length of xa unique resource name `%s` exceeded: should be less than 45.


SQL State Vendor Code Reason
HY000 15000 The table `%s` of schema `%s` is locked.
HY000 15001 The table `%s` of schema `%s` lock wait timeout of `%s` milliseconds exceeded.


SQL State Vendor Code Reason
44000 16000 SQL check failed, error message: %s
44000 16001 Hint datasource: %s is not exist.


SQL State Vendor Code Reason
HY000 17000 Work ID assigned failed, which can not exceed 1024.
HY000 17002 File access failed, reason is: %s
HY000 17010 Cluster persist repository error, reason is: %s


SQL State Vendor Code Reason
44000 18002 Altered process configuration does not exist.
HY000 18020 Failed to get DDL for table `%s`.
42S01 18030 Duplicate resource names `%s`.
42S02 18031 Resource names `%s` do not exist.
0A000 18032 Unsupported data type `%s` of unique key for pipeline job.
HY000 18050 Before data record is `%s`, after data record is `%s`.
08000 18051 Data check table `%s` failed.
0A000 18052 Unsupported pipeline database type `%s`.
0A000 18053 Unsupported CRC32 data consistency calculate algorithm with database type `%s`.
HY000 18080 Can not find pipeline job `%s`.
HY000 18081 Job has already started.
HY000 18082 Sharding count of job `%s` is 0.
HY000 18083 Can not split by range for table `%s`, reason is: %s
HY000 18084 Can not split by unique key `%s` for table `%s`, reason is: %s
HY000 18085 Target table `%s` is not empty.
01007 18086 Source data source lacks %s privilege(s).
HY000 18087 Source data source required `%s = %s`, now is `%s`.
HY000 18088 User `%s` does exist.
08000 18089 Check privileges failed on source data source, reason is: %s
08000 18090 Data sources can not connect, reason is: %s
HY000 18091 Importer job write data failed.
08000 18092 Get binlog position failed by job `%s`, reason is: %s
HY000 18093 Can not poll event because of binlog sync channel already closed.
HY000 18095 Can not find consistency check job of `%s`.
HY000 18096 Uncompleted consistency check job `%s` exists.


SQL State Vendor Code Reason
44000 19000 Can not process invalid resources, error message is: %s
44000 19001 Resources `%s` do not exist in database `%s`.
44000 19002 There is no resource in the database `%s`.
44000 19003 Resource `%s` is still used by `%s`.
44000 19004 Duplicate resource names `%s`.
44000 19100 Invalid `%s` rule `%s`, error message is: %s
44000 19101 %s rules `%s` do not exist in database `%s`.
44000 19102 %s rules `%s` in database `%s` are still in used.
44000 19103 %s rule `%s` has been enabled in database `%s`.
44000 19104 %s rule `%s` has been disabled in database `%s`.
44000 19105 Duplicate %s rule names `%s` in database `%s`.
44000 19150 Invalid %s algorithm(s) `%s`.
44000 19151 %s algorithm(s) `%s` do not exist in database `%s`.
44000 19152 %s algorithms `%s` in database `%s` are still in used.
44000 19153 Duplicate %s algorithms `%s` in database `%s`.

Feature Exception

Data Sharding

SQL State Vendor Code Reason
44000 20000 Can not find table rule with logic tables `%s`.
44000 20001 Can not get uniformed table structure for logic table `%s`, it has different meta data of actual tables are as follows: %s
42S02 20002 Can not find data source in sharding rule, invalid actual data node `%s`.
44000 20003 Data nodes must be configured for sharding table `%s`.
44000 20004 Actual table `%s.%s` is not in table rule configuration.
44000 20005 Can not find binding actual table, data source is `%s`, logic table is `%s`, other actual table is `%s`.
44000 20006 Actual tables `%s` are in use.
42S01 20007 Index `%s` already exists.
42S02 20008 Index `%s` does not exist.
42S01 20009 View name has to bind to %s tables.
44000 20020 Sharding value can’t be null in insert statement.
HY004 20021 Found different types for sharding value `%s`.
HY004 20022 Invalid %s, datetime pattern should be `%s`, value is `%s`.
0A000 20040 Can not support operation `%s` with sharding table `%s`.
44000 20041 Can not update sharding value for table `%s`.
0A000 20042 The CREATE VIEW statement contains unsupported query statement.
44000 20043 PREPARE statement can not support sharding tables route to same data sources.
44000 20044 The table inserted and the table selected must be the same or bind tables.
0A000 20045 Can not support DML operation with multiple tables `%s`.
42000 20046 %s … LIMIT can not support route to multiple data nodes.
44000 20047 Can not find actual data source intersection for logic tables `%s`.
42000 20048 INSERT INTO … SELECT can not support applying key generator with absent generate key column.
0A000 20049 Alter view rename .. to .. statement should have same config for `%s` and `%s`.
HY000 20060 `%s %s` can not route correctly for %s `%s`.
42S02 20061 Can not get route result, please check your sharding rule configuration.
34000 20062 Can not get cursor name from fetch statement.
HY000 20080 Sharding algorithm class `%s` should be implement `%s`.
HY000 20081 Routed target `%s` does not exist, available targets are `%s`.
44000 20082 Inline sharding algorithms expression `%s` and sharding column `%s` do not match.
HY000 20083 Sharding algorithm `%s` initialization failed, reason is: %s.
44000 20090 Can not find strategy for generate keys with table `%s`.
HY000 20099 Sharding plugin error, reason is: %s

Readwrite Splitting

SQL State Vendor Code Reason
HY004 20280 Invalid read database weight `%s`.

SQL Dialect Translator

SQL State Vendor Code Reason
42000 20440 Can not support database `%s` in SQL translation.
42000 20441 Translation error, SQL is: %s

Traffic Management

SQL State Vendor Code Reason
42S02 20500 Can not get traffic execution unit.

Data Encrypt

SQL State Vendor Code Reason
44000 20700 Can not find logic encrypt column by `%s`.
44000 20701 Fail to find encrypt column `%s` from table `%s`.
44000 20702 Altered column `%s` must use same encrypt algorithm with previous column `%s` in table `%s`.
42000 20740 Insert value of index `%s` can not support for encrypt.
0A000 20741 The SQL clause `%s` is unsupported in encrypt rule.
HY004 20780 Encrypt algorithm `%s` initialization failed, reason is: %s.

Shadow Database

SQL State Vendor Code Reason
HY004 20820 Shadow column `%s` of table `%s` does not support `%s` type.
42000 20840 Insert value of index `%s` can not support for shadow.

Data Masking

SQL State Vendor Code Reason
HY000 20980 Mask algorithm `%s` initialization failed, reason is: %s.

Other Exception

SQL State Vendor Code Reason
HY004 30000 Unknown exception: %s
0A000 30001 Unsupported SQL operation: %s
0A000 30002 Database protocol exception: %s
0A000 30003 Unsupported command: %s