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Issue Submit Conduct

  • Issue lists should be readable and retrievable, the author is obligated to summarize the title that is meaningful and convenient for retrieval, and to ensure the correctness and completeness of the content;
  • Please confirm that there is no relevant existing Issue after sufficient search, and then submit a new Issue;
  • The type of issue is divided into bug, new feature and problem. When you edit an issue, please select the correct template and fill in content according to the template;
  • For problems caused by uncertain configuration, please submit the relevant reproducible code to GitHub, so that community contributors can locate and identify the problem more efficiently;
  • Please reply to the Issue after it has been resolved to form a closed loop that will provide effective information for others who browse the Issue;
  • Please pay attention to the submitted issues in time. Issues with no feedback for a long time will be closed regularly.
  • Please use English for community diversity.

Issue Process Conduct

  • For issues without clear title, the handler guides the submitter to revise and refine the title before dealing with it;
  • For the issue with missing template information, the handler guides the submitter to provide the required information before processing;
  • Issues related to code, such as bug fix and feature enhancement, will be marked with correct label and project version of the issue completed;
  • The handler will regularly close the issue without feedback for a long time;
  • Issues without reference or retrieval value will be marked as status:invalid and does not need attention.