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Two-factor authentication(2FA)

Two factor authentication (2FA) refers to the authentication method that combines both passport, and an object (credit card, SMS phone, token or biomarkers as fingerprint) to identify a user. To ensure the security of the committer’s account, we need you to enable 2FA to sign in and contribute codes on GitHub.

More details, please refer to 2FA.

To be noticed: If you do not enable 2FA, you will be removed from the project and unable to access our repositories and the fork from our private repository.

Enable 2FA on GitHub

For detailed operations, please refer to Enable Two Factor Authentication with TOTP.

After enabling 2FA, you need to sign in GitHub with the way of username/password + mobile phone authentication code.

Tips: If you cannot download the APP through the page link, you can search and download Google Authenticator in APP Store.

How to Submit Codes

After enabling 2FA, you need to generate a private access Token to perform operations such as git submit and so on. At this time, you will use username + private access Token in replace of username + password to submit codes.

For detailed operations, please refer to Create a Private Token.