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ElasticJob is a distributed scheduling solution consisting of two separate projects, ElasticJob-Lite and ElasticJob-Cloud.

Through the functions of flexible scheduling, resource management and job management, it creates a distributed scheduling solution suitable for Internet scenarios, and provides a diversified job ecosystem through open architecture design. It uses a unified job API for each project. Developers only need code one time and can deploy at will.

ElasticJob became an Apache ShardingSphere Sub project on May 28 2020.

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Using ElasticJob can make developers no longer worry about the non-functional requirements such as jobs scale out, so that they can focus more on business coding; At the same time, it can release operators too, so that they do not have to worry about jobs high availability and management, and can automatic operation by simply adding servers.


A lightweight, decentralized solution that provides distributed task sharding services.

ElasticJob-Lite Architecture


Uses Mesos to manage and isolate resources.

ElasticJob-Cloud Architecture

ElasticJob-Lite ElasticJob-Cloud
Decentralization Yes No
Resource Assign No Yes
Job Execution Daemon Daemon + Transient
Deploy Dependency ZooKeeper ZooKeeper + Mesos


  • Elastic Schedule

    • Support job sharding and high availability in distributed system
    • Scale out for throughput and efficiency improvement
    • Job processing capacity is flexible and scalable with the allocation of resources
  • Resource Assign

    • Execute job on suitable time and assigned resources
    • Aggregation same job to same job executor
    • Append resources to newly assigned jobs dynamically
  • Job Governance

    • Failover
    • Misfired
    • Self diagnose and recover when distribute environment unstable
  • Job Dependency (TODO)

    • DAG based job dependency
    • DAG based job item dependency
  • Job Open Ecosystem

    • Unify job api for extension
    • Support rich job type lib, such as dataflow, script, HTTP, file, big data
    • Focus business SDK, can work with Spring IOC
  • Admin Console

    • Job administration
    • Job event trace query
    • Registry center management

Environment Required


Java 8 or above required.


Maven 3.5.0 or above required.


ZooKeeper 3.6.0 or above required. See details

Mesos (ElasticJob-Cloud only)

Mesos 1.1.0 or compatible version required. See details