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Registry Center Configuration

The component which is used to register and coordinate the distributed behavior of jobs, currently only supports ZooKeeper.

Class name: org.apache.shardingsphere.elasticjob.reg.zookeeper.ZookeeperConfiguration


Name Constructor injection
serverLists Yes
namespace Yes
baseSleepTimeMilliseconds No
maxSleepTimeMilliseconds No
maxRetries No
sessionTimeoutMilliseconds No
connectionTimeoutMilliseconds No
digest No

Job Configuration

Class name: org.apache.shardingsphere.elasticjob.api.JobConfiguration


Name Constructor injection
jobName Yes
shardingTotalCount Yes
cron No
timeZone No
shardingItemParameters No
jobParameter No
monitorExecution No
failover No
misfire No
maxTimeDiffSeconds No
reconcileIntervalMinutes No
jobShardingStrategyType No
jobExecutorThreadPoolSizeProvider No
jobErrorHandlerType No
jobListenerTypes No
description No
props No
disabled No
overwrite No