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SQL Parser


Spring namespace’s SQL parser configuration applies to traditional Spring projects. SQL parsing rules and attributes can be configured through the XML configuration files of the namespace.



<sql-parser:rule />

Name Type Description
id Attribute Spring Bean Id
sql-comment-parse-enable Attribute Whether to parse SQL comments
parse-tree-cache-ref Attribute Parse tree local cache name
sql-statement-cache-ref Attribute SQL statement local cache name

<sql-parser:cache-option />

Name Type Description
id Attribute Local cache configuration item name
initial-capacity Attribute Initial capacity of local cache
maximum-size Attribute Maximum capacity of local cache


  1. Set local cache configuration.
  2. Set parser configuration.
  3. Parse SQL with a parsing engine.


<sql-parser:rule id="sqlParseRule" sql-comment-parse-enable="true" parse-tree-cache-ref="parseTreeCache" sql-statement-cache-ref="sqlStatementCache" />
<sql-parser:cache-option id="sqlStatementCache" initial-capacity="1024" maximum-size="1024"/>
<sql-parser:cache-option id="parseTreeCache" initial-capacity="1024" maximum-size="1024"/>