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Shadow DB


Under the distributed application architecture based on microservices, the business needs multiple services to be completed through a series of service and middleware calls, so the stress test of a single service can no longer represent the real scenario. In the test environment, rebuilding a complete set of pressure test environments similar to the production environment would mean an excessively high cost, and often an inability to simulate the complexity and flow of the online environment. Therefore, enterprises usually select the full link voltage test method, i.e. a pressure test in the production environment, so that the test results can accurately reflect the system’s real capacity and performance level.


Configuration Entry

<shadow:rule />

Configurable Properties:

Name Type Description
id Attribute Spring Bean Id
data-source(?) Tag Shadow data source configuration
shadow-table(?) Tag Shadow table configuration
shadow-algorithm(?) Tag Shadow table configuration
default-shadow-algorithm-name(?) Tag Default shadow algorithm configuration

Shadow data source configuration:

<shadow:data-source />
Name Type Description
id Attribute Spring Bean Id
production-data-source-name Attribute Production data source name
shadow-data-source-name Attribute Shadow data source name

Shadow table configuration:

<shadow:shadow-table />
Name Type Description
name Attribute Shadow table name
data-sources Attribute Shadow table associated shadow data source name list (multiple values are separated by “,")
algorithm (?) Tag Shadow table association shadow algorithm configuration
<shadow:algorithm />
Name Type Description
shadow-algorithm-ref Attribute Shadow table association shadow algorithm name

Shadow algorithm configuration:

<shadow:shadow-algorithm />
Name Type Description
id Attribute Shadow algorithm name
type Attribute Shadow algorithm type
props (?) Tag Shadow algorithm attribute configuration
Refer to Builin Shadow Algorithm for details


  1. Create production and shadow data sources.
  2. Configure shadow rules.
    • Configure shadow data sources.
    • Configure shadow table.
    • Configure shadow algorithm.


<beans xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:shadow="" xsi:schemaLocation=" 
    <shadow:shadow-algorithm id="user-id-insert-match-algorithm" type="VALUE_MATCH">
            <prop key="operation">insert</prop>
            <prop key="column">user_id</prop>
            <prop key="value">1</prop>

    <shadow:rule id="shadowRule">
        <shadow:data-source id="shadow-data-source" production-data-source-name="ds" shadow-data-source-name="ds_shadow"/>
        <shadow:shadow-table name="t_user" data-sources="shadow-data-source">
            <shadow:algorithm shadow-algorithm-ref="user-id-insert-match-algorithm" />