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Apache ShardingSphere uses ThreadLocal to manage primary database routing marks for mandatory routing. A primary database routing mark can be added to HintManager through programming, and this value is valid only in the current thread. Apache ShardingSphere can also route the primary database by adding comments to SQL.

Hint is mainly used to perform mandatory data operations in the primary database under the read/write splitting scenarios.


  1. Call HintManager.getInstance() to obtain HintManager instance.
  2. Call HintManager.setWriteRouteOnly() method to set the primary database routing marks.
  3. Execute SQL statements to complete routing and execution.
  4. Call HintManager.close() to clear the content of ThreadLocal.


Primary Route with Hint

Use manual programming

Get HintManager

Be the same as sharding based on hint.

Configure Primary Database Route
  • Use hintManager.setWriteRouteOnly to configure primary database route.
Clean Hint Value

Be the same as data sharding based on hint.

String sql = "SELECT * FROM t_order";
try (HintManager hintManager = HintManager.getInstance();
     Connection conn = dataSource.getConnection();
     PreparedStatement preparedStatement = conn.prepareStatement(sql)) {
    try (ResultSet rs = preparedStatement.executeQuery()) {
        while ( {
            // ...

Use special SQL comments

Terms of Use

To use SQL Hint function, users need to set sqlCommentParseEnabled to true. The comment format only supports /* */ for now. The content needs to start with ShardingSphere hint:, and the attribute name needs to be writeRouteOnly.

/* ShardingSphere hint: writeRouteOnly=true */
SELECT * FROM t_order;