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Use AWS CloudFormation to create ShardingSphere HA clusters

What’s AWS CloudFormation? AWS CloudFormation is an infrastructure as code (IaC) service that allows you to easily model, provision, and manage all the cloud services provided by AWS by custom templates. Traditionally, when we create a new architecture, we need to manually configure it in AWS step by st

ShardingSphere 5.3.0 is released: new features and improvements

After 1.5 months in development, Apache ShardingSphere 5.3.0 is released. Our community merged 687 PRs from contributors around the world. The new release has been improved in terms of features, performance, testing, documentation, examples, etc. The 5.3.0 release brings the following highlights: Support fuz

ShardingSphere-on-Cloud & Pisanix replace Sidecar for a true cloud-native experience

Background For a while, many of our blog posts have shown that ShardingSphere consists of three independent products: ShardingSphere-JDBC, ShardingSphere-Proxy, and ShardingSphere-Sidecar. As ShardingSphere has become increasingly popular, JDBC and Proxy have been used in numerous production environments, but

ElasticJob UI now supports Auth 2.0, OIDC and SAML single sign-on thanks to Casdoor

If you’re looking to add SSO to the administration console when using ElasticJob UI, this article will help you tackle this user management problem using ElasticJob UI’s built-in Casdoor. Background ElasticJob UI is the visual admin console of ElasticJob, whose target users are developers and Dev

Alibaba Cloud's OpenSergo & ShardingSphere release database governance standard for microservices - combining Database Plus and Database Mesh concepts

Background Recently, Alibaba Cloud’s OpenSergo and ShardingSphere jointly released the database governance standard for microservices. By combining the Database Plus and Database Mesh concepts, the two communities have standardized the existing database governance concepts, patterns, and paths, further

ElasticJob 3.0.2 is released including failover optimization, scheduling stability, and Java 19 compatibility

ElasticJob, one of the sub-projects of the Apache ShardingSphere community, is a distributed scheduling solution oriented towards Internet applications and massive tasks. Since ElasticJob 3.0.1 was released, we’ve received a lot of feedback from users on GitHub. After merging the code committed by the contrib

ShardingSphere 5.2.1 is released — Here are the highlights

Our new 5.2.1 release brings new features and enhancements such as the ShardingSphere system database, SQL HINT mandatory sharding routing, asynchronous data consistency check, and support for Consul and Nacos governance center. Introduction Following 1.5 months in development, Apache ShardingSphere 5.2.1 is

ShardingSphere 5.2.0: Audit for sharding intercepts unreasonable requests in multi-shards scenarios

1. Background Thanks to our continuous review of the ShardingSphere’s community feedback that we use to develop features such as data sharding and read/write splitting, we found that some users create a large number of shards when using the data sharding feature. In such cases, there can be 1,000 physic

How does ShardingSphere’s Show processlist & Kill Work?

For those of you who often use databases, you may wonder: How do I check what SQL is currently being executed by the database, and in what state? How do I terminate abnormal SQL? For instance, if a SELECT statement used to query a table with massive data does not carry query conditions, it would drag down

Apache ShardingSphere 5.2.0 is Released!

Our new 5.2.0 release enhances features such as SQL audit, elastic migration, SQL execution process management, and data governance on the cloud. Introduction Since Apache ShardingSphere released version 5.1.2 at the end of June, our community has continued to optimize and enhance its product features. The co