Use Helm

ShardingSphere-Proxy Helm Chart


helm repo add shardingsphere
helm install shardingsphere-proxy shardingsphere/shardingsphere-proxy

Introduction to ShardingSphere-Proxy

These charts use the Helm tool to provide guidance for the installation of a ShardingSphere-Proxy instance in a Kubernetes cluster.


Kubernetes 1.18+ kubectl Helm 3.2.0+ If you need persistent data: Please configure StorageClass that allows dynamic provisioning of Persistent Volumes (PV)

Install ShardingSphere-Proxy chart

Add ShardingSphere-Proxy to the local helm repo

helm repo add shardingsphere

Install ShardingSphere-Proxy charts

helm install shardingsphere-proxy shardingsphere/shardingsphere-proxy

Once execution of the above commands is completed, charts will be installed with default configuration. You can refer to the configuration list below for other configurations.

If you need to acquire all the installed releases, execute helm list


To uninstall the releases, please execute

helm uninstall shardingsphere-proxy

helm uninstall will delete all release records by default. If you need to keep them, please add --keep-history

Configuration Items’ Description


Global parameters

Name Description Value
global.resources.limits The resources limits for the ShardingSphere-Proxy, MySQL, ZooKeeper. containers {}
global.resources.requests The requested resources for the ShardingSphere-Proxy, MySQL, ZooKeeper containers. {}

MySQL parameters

Name Description Value
mysql.enabled Enable MySQL sub-charts dependency. TRUE
mysql.storageclass Storage class needed by MySQL persistent storage. nil
mysql.storagerequest Space for MySQL persistent storage. nil

ZooKeeper parameters

Name Description Value
zookeeper.enabled Enable ZooKeeper sub-charts dependency. TRUE
zookeeper.storageclass Storage class needed by ZooKeeper persistent storage. nil
zookeeper.storagerequest Space for ZooKeeper persistent storage. nil

ShardingSphere-Proxy parameters

Name Description Value
image.repository ShardingSphere-Proxy’s image name. The default setting is to pull it from the Apache official-images repository. apache/shardingsphere-proxy
image.pullPolicy The policy for pulling an image. IfNotPresent
image.tag Image tag. 5.1.0
replicas Number of cluster-mode replicas in ShardingSphere-Proxy. 3
service.type ShardingSphere-Proxy network mode. NodePort
mysqlconnector.enabled MySQL connector enabled. TRUE
mysqlconnector.version MySQL connector Version 5.1.49
proxyport start port 3307

ShardingSphere-Proxy config.yaml && server.yaml configuration

For more configuration information, please refer to the following link: YAML Configuration :: ShardingSphere (