Binary Run

  1. git clone;
  2. Run mvn clean install -Prelease;
  3. Get the package in /shardingsphere-ui/shardingsphere-ui-distribution/target/apache-shardingsphere-${latest.release.version}-shardingsphere-ui-bin.tar.gz;
  4. After the decompression, run bin/;
  5. visit http://localhost:8088/.

Source Code Debug

ShardingSphere-UI use frontend and backend separately mode.


  1. Main class is org.apache.shardingsphere.ui.Bootstrap;
  2. visit http://localhost:8088/.


  1. cd shardingsphere-ui-frontend/;
  2. run npm install;
  3. run npm run dev;
  4. visit http://localhost:8080/.


Configuration file of ShardingSphere-UI is conf/ in distribution package. It is constituted by two parts.

  1. Listening port;
  2. authentication.



  1. If you run the frontend project locally after a build with maven, you may fail to run it due to inconsistent version of node. You can clean up node_modules/ directory and run it again. The error log is:
ERROR  Failed to compile with 17 errors
error  in ./src/views/orchestration/module/instance.vue?vue&type=style&index=0&id=9e59b740&lang=scss&scoped=true&
Module build failed (from ./node_modules/sass-loader/dist/cjs.js):
Error: Missing binding /shardingsphere/shardingsphere-ui/shardingsphere-ui-frontend/node_modules/node-sass/vendor/darwin-x64-57/binding.node
Node Sass could not find a binding for your current environment: OS X 64-bit with Node.js 8.x
Found bindings for the following environments:
  - OS X 64-bit with Node.js 6.x
This usually happens because your environment has changed since running `npm install`.
Run `npm rebuild node-sass` to download the binding for your current environment.