Configuration Item Explanation

Namespace: http://shardingsphere.apache.org/schema/shardingsphere/encrypt/encrypt-5.0.0.xsd

<encrypt:rule />

Name Type Description
id Attribute Spring Bean Id
table (+) Tag Encrypt table configuration

<encrypt:table />

Name Type Description
name Attribute Encrypt table name
column (+) Tag Encrypt column configuration

<encrypt:column />

Name Type Description
logic-column Attribute Column logic name
cipher-column Attribute Cipher column name
assisted-query-column (?) Attribute Assisted query column name
plain-column (?) Attribute Plain column name
encrypt-algorithm-ref Attribute Encrypt algorithm name

<encrypt:encrypt-algorithm />

Name Type Description
id Attribute Encrypt algorithm name
type Attribute Encrypt algorithm type
props (?) Tag Encrypt algorithm properties

Please refer to Built-in Encrypt Algorithm List for more details about type of algorithm.