SCTL (ShardingSphere-Proxy control language) supports modify and query the state of Sharing-Proxy at runtime. The current supported syntax is:

Statement Function Example
sctl:set transaction_type=XX Modify transaction_type of the current connection, supports LOCAL, XA, BASE sctl:set transaction_type=XA
sctl:show transaction_type Query the transaction type of the current connection sctl:show transaction_type
sctl:show cached_connections Query the number of cached physical database connections in the current connection sctl:show cached_connections
sctl:explain SQL View the execution plan for logical SQL. sctl:explain select * from t_order
sctl:hint set PRIMARY_ONLY=true For current connection, set database operation force route to primary database only or not sctl:hint set PRIMARY_ONLY=true
sctl:hint set DatabaseShardingValue=yy For current connection, set sharding value for database sharding only, yy: sharding value sctl:hint set DatabaseShardingValue=100
sctl:hint addDatabaseShardingValue xx=yy For current connection, add sharding value for database, xx: logic table, yy: sharding value sctl:hint addDatabaseShardingValue t_order=100
sctl:hint addTableShardingValue xx=yy For current connection, add sharding value for table, xx: logic table, yy: sharding value sctl:hint addTableShardingValue t_order=100
sctl:hint clear For current connection, clear all hint settings sctl:hint clear
sctl:hint show status For current connection, query hint status, primary_only:true/false, sharding_type:databases_only/databases_tables sctl:hint show status
sctl:hint show table status For current connection, query sharding values of logic tables sctl:hint show table status

ShardingSphere-Proxy does not support hint by default, to support it, set the properties property proxy-hint-enabled to true in conf/server.yaml.