Root Configuration

Class name: org.apache.shardingsphere.encrypt.api.config.EncryptRuleConfiguration


Name DataType Description
tables (+) Collection<EncryptTableRuleConfiguration> Encrypt table rule configurations
encryptors (+) Map<String, ShardingSphereAlgorithmConfiguration> Encrypt algorithm name and configurations

Encrypt Table Rule Configuration

Class name: org.apache.shardingsphere.encrypt.api.config.rule.EncryptTableRuleConfiguration


Name DataType Description
name String Table name
columns (+) Collection<EncryptColumnRuleConfiguration> Encrypt column rule configurations

Encrypt Column Rule Configuration

Class name: org.apache.shardingsphere.encrypt.api.config.rule.EncryptColumnRuleConfiguration


Name DataType Description
logicColumn String Logic column name
cipherColumn String Cipher column name
assistedQueryColumn (?) String Assisted query column name
plainColumn (?) String Plain column name
encryptorName String Encrypt algorithm name

Encrypt Algorithm Configuration

Class name: org.apache.shardingsphere.infra.config.algorithm.ShardingSphereAlgorithmConfiguration


Name DataType Description
name String Encrypt algorithm name
type String Encrypt algorithm type
properties Properties Encrypt algorithm properties

Please refer to Built-in Encrypt Algorithm List for more details about type of algorithm.