Apache ShardingSphere provides the way of property configuration to configure system level configuration.

Configuration Item Explanation

Name Data Type Description Default Value
sql-show (?) boolean Whether show SQL or not in log.
Print SQL details can help developers debug easier. The log details include: logic SQL, actual SQL and SQL parse result.
Enable this property will log into log topic ShardingSphere-SQL, log level is INFO.
sql-simple (?) boolean Whether show SQL details in simple style. false
executor-size (?) int The max thread size of worker group to execute SQL. One ShardingSphereDataSource will use a independent thread pool, it does not share thread pool even different data source in same JVM. infinite
max-connections-size-per-query (?) int Max opened connection size for each query. 1
check-table-metadata-enabled (?) boolean Whether validate table meta data consistency when application startup or updated. false
proxy-frontend-flush-threshold (?) int Flush threshold for every records from databases for ShardingSphere-Proxy. 128
proxy-transaction-type (?) String Default transaction type of ShardingSphere-Proxy. Include: LOCAL, XA and BASE. LOCAL
proxy-opentracing-enabled (?) boolean Whether enable opentracing for ShardingSphere-Proxy. false
proxy-hint-enabled (?) boolean Whether enable hint for ShardingSphere-Proxy. Using Hint will switch proxy thread mode from IO multiplexing to per connection per thread, which will reduce system throughput. false
xa-transaction-manager-type (?) String XA Transaction manager type. Include: Atomikos, Narayana and Bitronix. Atomikos