Configuration Item Explanation

Namespace: http://shardingsphere.apache.org/schema/shardingsphere/encrypt/encrypt-5.0.0.xsd

<encrypt:rule />

Name Type Description Default Value
id Attribute Spring Bean Id
queryWithCipherColumn (?) Attribute Whether query with cipher column for data encrypt. User you can use plaintext to query if have true
table (+) Tag Encrypt table configuration

<encrypt:table />

Name Type Description
name Attribute Encrypt table name
column (+) Tag Encrypt column configuration

<encrypt:column />

Name Type Description
logic-column Attribute Column logic name
cipher-column Attribute Cipher column name
assisted-query-column (?) Attribute Assisted query column name
plain-column (?) Attribute Plain column name
encrypt-algorithm-ref Attribute Encrypt algorithm name

<encrypt:encrypt-algorithm />

Name Type Description
id Attribute Encrypt algorithm name
type Attribute Encrypt algorithm type
props (?) Tag Encrypt algorithm properties

Please refer to Built-in Encrypt Algorithm List for more details about type of algorithm.