1. Execute the following command to compile and generate the sharding-scaling binary package:
git clone;
cd shardingsphere;
mvn clean install -Prelease;

The binary package’s directory is:/sharding-distribution/sharding-scaling-distribution/target/apache-shardingsphere-${latest.release.version}-sharding-scaling-bin.tar.gz

  1. Unzip the distribution package, modify the configuration file conf/server.yaml, we should ensure the port does not conflict with others, and other values can be left as default:
port: 8888
blockQueueSize: 10000
pushTimeout: 1000
workerThread: 30
  1. start up sharding-scaling:
sh bin/
  1. See the log file logs/stdout.log,ensure startup successfully.

  2. Ensure startup successfully by curl.

curl -X GET http://localhost:8888/shardingscaling/job/list



Shutdown Sharding-Scaling

sh bin/

# Configuration

The existing configuration items are as follows, We can modify them in conf/server.yaml

Name Description Default value
port Listening port of HTTP server 8888
blockQueueSize Queue size of data transmission channel 10000
pushTimeout Data push timeout(ms) 1000
workerThread Worker thread pool size, the number of migration task threads allowed to run concurrently 30