Sharding-Proxy is the second product of ShardingSphere. It defines itself as a transparent database proxy, providing a database server that encapsulates database binary protocol to support heterogeneous languages. Friendlier to DBA, the MySQL/PostgreSQL version provided now can use any kind of terminal (such as MySQL Command Client, MySQL Workbench, etc.) that is compatible with MySQL protocol to operate data.

  • Totally transparent to applications, it can be used directly as MySQL/PostgreSQL.
  • Applicable to any kind of client end that is compatible with MySQL/PostgreSQL protocol.

Sharding-Proxy Architecture


Sharding-JDBC Sharding-Proxy Sharding-Sidecar
Database Any MySQL MySQL
Connections Count Cost High Low High
Supported Languages Java Only Any Any
Performance Low loss Relatively high loss Low loss
Decentralization Yes No Yes
Static Entry No Yes No

The advantages of Sharding-Proxy lie in supporting heterogeneous languages and providing operational entries for DBA.