1. Execute the following command to compile and generate the ShardingSphere-Proxy binary package:
git clone --depth 1
cd shardingsphere
mvn clean install -Dmaven.javadoc.skip=true -Dcheckstyle.skip=true -Drat.skip=true -Djacoco.skip=true -DskipITs -DskipTests -Prelease

The binary packages:

  • /shardingsphere-distribution/shardingsphere-proxy-distribution/target/apache-shardingsphere-${latest.release.version}-shardingsphere-proxy-bin.tar.gz

Or get binary package from download page.

Scaling is an experimental feature, if scaling job fail, you could try nightly version, click here to download nightly build.

  1. Unzip the proxy distribution package, modify the configuration file conf/config-sharding.yaml. Please refer to proxy startup manual for more details.

  2. Modify the configuration file conf/server.yaml. Please refer to Mode Configuration for more details. Type of mode must be Cluster for now, please start the registry center before running proxy.

Configuration Example:

  type: Cluster
    type: ZooKeeper
      namespace: governance_ds
      server-lists: localhost:2181
      retryIntervalMilliseconds: 500
      timeToLiveSeconds: 60
      maxRetries: 3
      operationTimeoutMilliseconds: 500
  overwrite: false
  1. Modify scalingName and scaling configuration in conf/config-sharding.yaml.

Configuration Items Explanation:

  # ignored configuration
  scalingName: # Enabled scaling action config name
    <scaling-action-config-name> (+):
      blockQueueSize: # Data channel blocking queue size
      workerThread: # Worker thread pool size for inventory data ingestion and data importing
      readBatchSize: # Maximum records count of a query operation returning
      rateLimiter: # Rate limit algorithm
        type: # Algorithm type. Options: SOURCE
        props: # Algorithm properties
          qps: # QPS property. Available for types: SOURCE
      completionDetector: # Completion detect algorithm. If it's not configured, then system won't continue to do next steps automatically.
        type: # Algorithm type. Options: IDLE
        props: # Algorithm properties
          incremental-task-idle-minute-threshold: # If incremental tasks is idle more than so much minutes, then it could be considered as almost completed. Available for types: IDLE
      sourceWritingStopper: # Lock algorithm for stopping source writing. If it's not configured, then system will skip this step.
        type: # Algorithm type. Options: DEFAULT
      dataConsistencyChecker: # Data consistency check algorithm. If it's not configured, then system will skip this step.
        type: # Algorithm type. Options: DATA_MATCH, CRC32_MATCH
        props: # Algorithm properties
          chunk-size: # Maximum records count of a query operation for check
      checkoutLocker: # Lock algorithm for metadata checkout. If it's not configured, then system will skip this step.
        type: # Algorithm type. Options: DEFAULT

Configuration Example:

  # ignored configuration
  scalingName: default_scaling
      blockQueueSize: 10000
      workerThread: 40
      readBatchSize: 1000
        type: SOURCE
          qps: 50
        type: IDLE
          incremental-task-idle-minute-threshold: 30
        type: DEFAULT
        type: DATA_MATCH
          chunk-size: 1000
        type: DEFAULT

You could customize rateLimiter, completionDetector, sourceWritingStopper, dataConsistencyChecker and checkoutLocker algorithm by implementing SPI. Current implementation could be referenced, please refer to Dev Manual#Scaling for more details.

  1. Start up ShardingSphere-Proxy:
sh bin/
  1. Check proxy log logs/stdout.log:
[INFO ] [main] o.a.s.p.frontend.ShardingSphereProxy - ShardingSphere-Proxy start success

It means proxy start up successfully.


sh bin/