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News! The distributed scheduling project ElasticJob set sail again

News! The distributed scheduling project ElasticJob set sail again

ElasticJob is a distributed scheduling solution that provides distributed task sharding, elastic scaling, fully automated discovery. , multitasking based on time-driven, data-driven, resident and ad-hoc task types, task aggregation and dynamic resource provisioning, fault detection, auto-remediation, and failover.Main features are as follows:

ElasticJob can fully meet enterprise user’s requirements on scheduling and processing ability for task management and batch jobs.

ElasticJob has been open source since the end of 2014 and has experienced more than 5 years of development, with its feature richness, comprehensive documentation, high quality code, ease of use of the framework, has accumulated a large number of loyal users and a good reputation in the industry (5.8K star), has been one of the most popular projects in the field of distributed scheduling framework.

Over the past two years, ElasticJob has slowed down its development due to the core developers’ full commitment to developing and maintaining the Apache ShardingSphere project, among other reasons. However, as the Apache ShardingSphere project continues to expand in the distributed domain, and as users are interested in the distributed management of multi-data cluster environments and the elastic scaling of data migration, a powerful distributed scheduling component is needed. As a result, the Apache ShardingSphere community has planned to initiate a proposal for a long-term ongoing update and maintenance of ElasticJob as a sub-project.

We were the first to make this good news public, and we’ll be back with more information about ElasticJob.