Apache ShardingSphere
Flexible & Embeddable & Extensible

Apache ShardingSphere is an open-source ecosystem consisted of a set of distributed database middleware solutions, including 3 independent products, JDBC, Proxy & Sidecar (Planning). They all provide functions of data sharding, distributed transaction and database orchestration, applicable in a variety of situations such as Java isomorphism, heterogeneous language and cloud native.

Aiming at reasonably making full use of the computation and storage capacity of database in distributed system, ShardingSphere defines itself as a middleware, rather than a totally new type of database. As the cornerstone of many enterprises, relational database still takes a huge market share. Therefore, at current stage, we prefer to focus on its increment instead of a total overturn.

Apache ShardingSphere begin to focus on pluggable architecture from version 5.x, features can be embedded into project flexibility. Currently, the features such as data sharding, query from replica, data encrypt, shadow database, and SQL dialects / database protocols such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLServer, Oracle supported are all weaved by plugins. Developers can customize their own ShardingSphere just like building lego blocks. There are lots of SPI extensions for Apache ShardingSphere now and increase continuously.

ShardingSphere became an Apache Top Level Project on April 16 2020.

Data Sharding

Database sharding & Table sharding

Query from Replica

Sharding strategy customization

Centre-less distributed primary key

Distributed Transaction

Unified Transaction API

XA transaction

BASE transaction


Database Governance

Distributed Governance

Data migration & Scale out

Tracing & Observability Supported

Data Encryption