Apache ShardingSphere

The distributed SQL transaction & query engine for data sharding, scaling, encryption, and more - on any database.

Core Features

Data Sharding

ShardingSphere provides a distributed database solution based on the underlying database, which can scale computing and storage horizontally.

Read/Write Splitting

ShardingSphere provides flexible read/write splitting capabilities and can achieve read access load balancing based on the understanding of SQL semantics and the ability to perceive the underlying database topology.

High Performance

Achieve unprecedented database performance levels with the incredible capabilities of Apache ShardingSphere. We successfully overcame performance bottlenecks and proudly presented our groundbreaking results at the prestigious IEEE 38th Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE).

Distributed Transaction

With a hybrid engine based on XA and BASE transactions, ShardingSphere provides distributed transaction capabilities on top of standalone databases, enabling data security across underlying data sources.

Data Encryption & Masking

ShardingSphere provides a complete, transparent, secure, and low-cost data encryption & masking solution.

Multi-DB Support

ShardingSphere provides comprehensive multi-DB support, allowing you to choose the database that best suits your needs. Whether it's MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle Database, MariaDB, or any other SQL-92 compliant database, ShardingSphere seamlessly integrates with them all.

Query Federation

ShardingSphere provides complex data query and analysis capabilities across data sources, simplifying the data aggregation from different data locations.

Data Migration

SharingSphere provides migration capabilities to help users migrate the data from other data sources, while simultaneously performing data sharding.

Cloud Native

Seamlessly integrate with cloud infrastructure and services thanks to ShardingSphere, and effortlessly harness the power of cloud computing to achieve optimal performance, elasticity, and resilience in your data management strategy.


  • Distributed Database
  • Data Security
  • Unified Database

Distributed Database

  • Unlock the full potential of high-concurrency scenarios with massive databases using ShardingSphere's open-source distributed database solution.
  • Say goodbye to the limitations of standalone databases in handling massive storage and computations, all without risking architectural changes.
  • Leverage powerful features like data sharding, distributed transactions, and elastic scalability, ensuring the stability of your standalone database while seamlessly meeting the dynamic storage and computation expansion requirements.

Data Security

  • Leverage the strength and transparency of Open Source to address the complexities of encrypted data storage, data masking, and global authority control in data security scenarios with ShardingSphere.
  • Experience seamless data security across diverse platforms and heterogeneous environments without the need for code modifications.
  • Leverage the advantages of powerful features, including online data encryption, data masking, customizable algorithms, and robust key management, to achieve unparalleled protection in data security scenarios.

Unified Database

  • Create a powerful open-source cloud data platform with ShardingSphere. Enjoy seamless compatibility with virtually all databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, openGauss, and more.
  • Leverage a multitude of features such as data sharding, encryption, migration, and scaling to execute parallel queries, unlocking increased throughput, and eliminating performance bottlenecks.
  • Embrace a multi-cloud and cloud-native ecosystem, seamlessly migrating your database to the cloud with native support.

Project Roadmap



Initial version, based on a JDBC driver, and for data sharding only.


To Cluster

Can coordinate in a distributed environment, with ZooKeeper as registry center.



Using a proxy to mock a database, compatible with all programming languages and database workbenches.


Apache ShardingSphere

For Apache software foundation version, change the brand, and support more databases except MySQL


To Pluggable

Micro kernel for pluggable oriented, everything is pluggable with 3 layers, add more features except sharding, such as encrypt.


To Cloud

The ShardingSphere ecosystem is expanding to include cloud solutions with Helm Charts and Operator. Operator and Helm Charts allow you to deploy ShardingSphere on Kubernetes, including services such as AWS EKS, self-hosted Kubernetes, or minikube.


To Ecosystem

Provide Database Plus production, build a standard via DistSQL, and an ecosystem with a plugin oriented platform and features.