Docker Clone

Pull Official Docker Clone

docker pull apache/sharding-proxy

Build Docker Clone Manually (Optional)

git clone
mvn clean install
cd sharding-distribution/sharding-proxy-distribution
mvn clean package docker:build

Configure Sharding-Proxy

Create /${your_work_dir}/conf/config.yaml document to configure sharding rules. Please refer to Configuration Manual for the configuration method.

Run Docker

docker run -d -v /${your_work_dir}/conf:/opt/sharding-proxy/conf --env PORT=3308 -p13308:3308 apache/sharding-proxy:latest

You can define port 3308 and 13308 by yourself. 3308 refers to docker port; 13308 refers to the host port.

docker run -d -v /${your_work_dir}/conf:/opt/sharding-proxy/conf --env JVM_OPTS="-Djava.awt.headless=true" --env PORT=3308 -p13308:3308 apache/sharding-proxy:latest

You can define JVM related parameters to environment variable JVM_OPTS.

Access Sharding-Proxy

It is in the same way as connecting to PostgreSQL.

psql -U ${your_user_name} -h ${your_host} -p 13308


Question 1: there is I/O exception ( when process request to {}->unix://localhost:80: Connection is refused.

Answer: before building clone, please make sure docker daemon thread is running.

Question 2: there is error report of being unable to connect to the database.

Answer: please make sure designated PostgreSQL IP in /${your_work_dir}/conf/sharding-config.yaml configuration is accessible to Docker container.