SPI Name Description
ShardingSphereRuleBuilder Used to convert user configurations to rule objects
Implementation Class Description
ShardingRuleBuilder Used to convert user sharding configurations to sharding rule objects
MasterSlaveRuleBuilder Used to convert user master-slave configurations to master-slave rule objects
ConsensusReplicationRuleBuilder Used to convert user consensus replication configurations to consensus replication rule objects
EncryptRuleBuilder Used to convert user encryption configurations to encryption rule objects
ShadowRuleBuilder Used to convert user shadow database configurations to shadow database rule objects


SPI Name Description
YamlRuleConfigurationSwapper Used to convert YAML configuration to standard user configuration
Implementation Class Description
ShardingRuleConfigurationYamlSwapper Used to convert YAML sharding configuration to standard sharding configuration
MasterSlaveRuleConfigurationYamlSwapper Used to convert YAML master-slave configuration to standard master-slave configuration
ConsensusReplicationRuleConfigurationYamlSwapper Used to convert YAML consensus replication configuration to standard consensus replication configuration
EncryptRuleConfigurationYamlSwapper Used to convert YAML encryption configuration to standard encryption configuration
ShadowRuleConfigurationYamlSwapper Used to convert YAML shadow database configuration to standard shadow database configuration


SPI Name Description
ShardingSphereYamlConstruct Used to convert customized objects and YAML to each other
Implementation Class Description
NoneShardingStrategyConfigurationYamlConstruct Used to convert non sharding strategy and YAML to each other