Committer Promotion

The ShardingSphere community follows the Apache Community’s process on accepting a new committer. After a contributor participates ShardingSphere community actively, PMC and Committers will make a decision to invite the contributor to join Committers and PMC.

Committer Responsibilities

  • Develop new features;
  • Refactor codes;
  • Review pull requests reliably and in time;
  • Consider and accept feature requests;
  • Answer questions;
  • Update documentation and example;
  • Improve processes and tools;
  • Guide new contributors join community.

Committer Routine

  1. Weekly rotating committers needs to check the list of pull requests and issues to be processed in the community on a daily basis.
  • Including label issue, reply issue, close issue;
  • Assign issue to the appropriate committer, namely assignee;
  • The rotation period is one week.
  1. After a committer is assigned with an issue, the following work is required:
  • Estimate whether it is a long-term issue. If it is, please label it as pending;
  • Add issue labels, such as bug, enhancement, discussion, etc;
  • Add milestone.
  1. Pull request that committer submits needs to add labels and milestone based on the type and release period.

  2. When committer reviewed and approved any pull request, committer could squash and merge to master. If there is any question you concerned about this pull request, please reply directly to the related issue.

Committer rota

Order Starting Date Name GitHub ID
1 2021/8/16 Juan Pan tristaZero
2 2021/8/23 Yangwen Ou avalon566
3 2021/8/30 Xiaofeng Jiang SteNicholas
4 2021/9/6 Longtao Jiang RaigorJiang
5 2021/9/13 Haoran Meng menghaoranss
6 2021/9/20 Zhengqiang Duan strongduanmu
7 2021/9/27 Nianjun Sun taojintianxia
8 2021/10/4 Nianjun Sun taojintianxia
9 2021/10/11 Hongsheng Zhong sandynz
10 2021/10/18 Chengxiang Lan lanchengx
11 2021/10/25 Weijie Wu TeslaCN
12 2021/11/1 Pingchuan Jiang dachuan9e
13 2021/11/8 Maolin Jiang jiangML
14 2021/11/15 Jingshang Lu jingshanglu
15 2021/11/22 Jinchao Zhao zjcnb
16 2021/11/29 Chuxin Chen tuichenchuxin
17 2021/12/6 Bo Wang wbtlb
18 2021/12/13 Jiandong Wu wujiandong
19 2021/12/20 Yang Hou soulasuna
20 2021/12/27 Xiaoman Wang wgy8283335