First off, thank you for your interest in ShardingSphere. We are a very open and active community, where dedicated contributors of all levels are welcome to join in the pursuit of the Apache Way.

You may participate in the community through the Mailing-list Subscription, or simply by interacting with other members in the ShardingSphere Slack channel

Before becoming a contributor, please read the Contributors’ Guide and Documents Contributor Guide, as well as the Code of Conduct.

If you are just getting started, the following guide helps you to set up the developing environment for ShardingSphere.Inside you’ll find everything you need for your software environment setup with examples.

If you want to become a committer, please read the Committers’ Guide. Committers can be granted authority by the Apache repo after 2FA enabled.

If you want to be a release manager, please read the Release Guide

Thank you for attend ShardingSphere.